Endless Summer provides professional indoor tanning services and all amenities to go with tanning. We carry indoor and outdoor tanning lotions, swimwear for men and women, skincare products designed with a tanner's unique skin in mind.

Endless Summer is at the forefront of teaching smart tan practices. We believe that indoor tanning, for those that can achieve a tan, is the smartest way to maximize the benefits and minimize the risks associated with either too much or too little sunlight. All tanning attendants at Endless Summer are certified by the world’s largest educational consortium on indoor tanning. Tracey McKone, the Owner and Manager, has completed her Masters in UV Light Administration and is a certified tanning truth specialist.

Endless Summer is the 2009 Smart Tan Award recipient. This award has been given yearly since 1996 to a salon whose accomplishments advance the statue of the tanning community. The salon was chosen from 160,000 member’s world wide. They have been featured twice in (international) Tanning Trends Magazine, Feb 2008 and Dec 2009. They are also featured in a new magazine, Smart Tan Canada, in April of 2010. Endless Summer is a member of Smart Tan International and The Joint Canadian Tanning Association.

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110 St. George St., Mitchell

Owner  Tracy McKone

Phone  519.348.4SUN (4786)
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Location: Mitchell, ON, Canada